Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Rated: Unrated (Profanity)

What happens when you make a $500 feature film with no crew?

See for yourself ...

What's the movie about?



On the verge of financial hardship, a married couple receives a mysterious red cube at their doorstep. But when the cube causes a strange disturbance, the couple throws it away, only to have another one arrive at the door … then another … then another … One by one, each cube escalates the tension between the couple, spiraling them toward a supernatural encounter, where they must learn to let go and face their fears.

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Amazing to see the quality achieved on a measly $500! Would-be filmmakers take note--you should watch this! Beautiful cinematography of Portland, OR. The lead actress is very endearing. Some fun stuff in here--definitely worth a look!

~ Marty Davis

Congrats on pulling this off for $500! awesome.

~ Josue Molina

If you liked Primer and other thought provoking projects made on a small budget you should give The Cube a watch. Lots of nice moments. And some big questions.

~ Martin Blasick

Really dug this movie. Dana and Scott are great and I really like the dreary autumn Oregon look. Makes me want to visit again!
This is a great example of what you can do with no-budget. Great job!

~ Francis Media Enterprises

Well done! Love this little thriller. The indie film spirit is truly alive in this film!

~ Digital New Wave

It isn't the camera it's the cameramen, nice piece of art work on this one!

~ Glen Baggerly

It's amazing what can be done for $500 these days.  Loved the cinematography. Definitely worth checking it out.

~ Dubalic Studio

This is an ingenious and entertaining film, amazingly made for such little money without sacrificing quality. Dana Dae gives a powerful performance as Yvette, and writer/director/producer Scott McMahon holds his own as Udom, her husband. The set up reminded me of Michael Haneke's "Cache," only instead of a couple finding a videotape on their doorstep day after day, they find a wrapped up red cube, making it more disturbing than the Haneke movie since there's no logical explanation for these cubes. The discovery of a red key, which is used for dramatic effect, reminded me of the blue key in David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive," and the atmospheric cinematography and music worked well together to create a sustained mood of impending foreboding. The film also becomes thought-provoking as it progresses as well. Strongly recommended and definitely worth viewing.

~ Objectif 49 Films

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This film was made for $500 with NO crew.


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